Kotlin: Hot Android App Development Trend in the Market


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Since the time of its creation, Java is judgment the Android program development marketplace.  Recently, another contemporary programming language is growing hugely popular among Android developers globally.  The standing of Kotlin is getting so higher with the time that the specialists are expecting shortly, this could turn into one of the top 20 programming languages!  This guide will give you a brief idea on Kotlin and why this language is getting so much attention from the developers. best ad blocker for android


An Intro to Kotlin


That is an open source speech and based on the JVM (Java Virtual machine).   This new language is now a part of the latest Android Studio version 3.0.


Since over 20 decades, Java is judgment the market and obviously, the impeccable features and functionalities that it provides are of ace quality.  Otherwise, judgment a market peerlessly is not possible for this very long time.   Here comes Kotlin from the picture.  A brand new, modern, innovative Android committed speech offering a remarkable set of benefits.  

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Can you think of this circumstance, wherein the same project, two different programming languages are coexisting?  Well, with Kotlin, it is potential.  When using Kotlin, you don't have to switch to a different project or you don't have to change the present code.  You can effortlessly use the features offered by it and make the program development process easier.

Less Coding

Allow 's think of a very simple thing!  Why can you write a hundred lines of codes if you may do the task by writing just a few lines of code?  Yes, the number of codes you need to write in Java to do a particular task, you can do it by composing almost 20% less volume of codes in Kotlin.  Well, no wonder worldwide Android developers are going mad over it!

Undoubtedly, this 'less coding' feature not just diminishes the boilerplate coding level but also makes the execution of this code better.

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Easy Learning Curve

Among the most fascinating facts about Kotlin is its simple learning curve.  Unlike Android O version, it is simple to master it by going through the list of speech references.  It has a slender and intuitive syntax that's gentle for its Java pros.  If you already have skills in Java, learning Kotlin is nothing to you!

Safe and Secure

Working with Kotlin is a bit safer alternative for those developers.  Wondering why?  But with the assistance of this, you can prevent crucial mistakes such null point exceptions.  The compiler of this mechanically casts mistakes.  From time to time, a programmer might overlook a little mistake but thanks to this Kotlin compiler that wouldn't let do this.

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Zero Adoption Cost

The expression 'free' or' 'zero price ' easily grab the attention of individuals!  Kotlin wouldn't disappoint the consumers in this situation as well.  How?  Well, this really is an open source speech.  Thus, you wouldn't need to spend a penny to get it.   You're all set to start with this impressive high-end speech.

Even though Kotlin is gaining its popularity on the marketplace in an exponential manner, for the novices in the Android program development field, it is always a good idea to initiate the learning process together with Java. for details 


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